Some More Geeky Tattoos

A new fashion seems to have arisen from the search for new and creative tattoos. Some people have begun to use the space in their bodies to portray their obsession or unconditional love for a brand or technology-related theme. From logos and programming language to keyboard symbols, there is a little bit of everything.Here’s another collection of the wierdest, geekiest & nerdiest tattoos on the planet.


10 Strangest Restaurants Of The World

Sushi Restaurant Los Angeles
Located in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset strip this “Adults Only” Sushi restaurant, bar and lounge is equal parts exotic and delicious. Putting a new spin on sushi is an understatement. Where else could you order Nyotaimori “body sushi”? Which is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a women or man. The food never touches the model and is presented on banana leaves draped artfully on the body.Well this is the only first one and after a little jump you will find some more strange and unusual restaurants of the world.

Beer Spa Restaurant In Czech Republic
The mountain Bahenec Wellness Hotel is situated in the area of Slezské Beskydy, in the town of Písek u Jablunkova, very close to the Polish border. The entire procedure, which also includes a Finnish sauna and, following the beer bath, relaxation on a bed of oat straw, takes about two hours. The Bier Bottich Bad (BBB, Beer Tub Bath) recipe was conceived by the Austrian hotelier Hedwig Bauer and is a protected secret.

Dinner In The Sky Restaurant Las Vegas
Dinner In The Sky is a Belgian based novelty restaurant which used a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waitstaff 150 feet into the air. Dinner in the sky has now made its way to the Las Vegas Market with a grand opening on New Year’s Eve.

Maldives, Hilton Resort & Spa
Maldives, Hilton Resort & Spa is world’s first underseas restaurent at the resort. It was designed in New Zealand and constructed in Singapore and now shipped in Maldives. For those of you who DO find this enticing and beautiful, the world’s first underwater restaurant just opened at the Hilton resort in Maldives. It’s like a giant stationary submarine immersed in the most beautiful water in the world.

Guolizhuang (Penis Restaurant Beijing)
Guolizhuang (Penis Restaurant Beijing) is a restaurant where nearly every dish has a dick in it. You can have your choices of dog, yak, donkey, seal, and more. According to some Chinese medicinal tradition, you are what you eat. If you’re a coward, it’s advisable to eat tiger’s testicles or something like that to boost your bravery. Well who loves delicious animal reproductive organs, raise your hand! You’ll get plenty at this place in Beijing because that’s all they serve. Now who ordered the dog’s penis garnished with a plum?

W’Duck Toilet Restaurant Portugal
Do you mind sitting on the toilet while you dine? Or wiping your mouth with toilet paper? Don’t bother showing up at W’Duck in Matosinhos if you need to think about your answer. W’Duck has occupied the old Sapataria Concalve space at 245 Avenida da República in this small port town Portugal.

Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong
A robot performs as a chef prepares food at Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong. With a whir and a flash of lights, another robot whizzes to the restaurant table and takes a customer’s order, while a second races to another table to deliver plates of steaming food.

Hobbit House Restaurant Manila
A small restaurant featuring little people where party and good food meet. They advertise with having the smallest waiters in the world and it’s true. he owners and entire staff are little people who have a reputation as a great bar for live music.

Asia SF Restaurant San Francisco
Asia SF is a hip little restaurant located on Howard Street in San Francisco. Ten years ago two men opened this restaurant full of deliscious food and equally delicisous female performers. Actually, the performers are not technically women but “gender illusionists”.

O’Noir Restaurant in Montreal, Canada
No, the picture isn’t missing. That’s all you’ll see if you dine at O’Noir. O’Noir is a restaurant in Montreal, Canada seeks to spread that gospel. It offers dinner in the dark. Not low, ambient light. Total darkness. No candles, no cell phones, even glowing watches are removed.


Crazy Tattoo Collection -New

Tattoos have always been a tradition method of self-expression. But sometimes that self-expression expresses just a little too much and many times you just have to wonder what people were thinking when they decided to get these tattoos.

1.To Do List Tattoo
Now this is an interesting tattoo but I think that eventually it may become a tattoo that they will regret. As someone who has a wrist tattoo having something that you are going to see almost constantly every day it really has to be something important and personal. But just maybe this tattoo will keep it’s novelty and be cool to the person who has it. At least I really hope so.
to do list tattoo
2.Six Pack Tattoo
suppose if you know that you’re never going to get in shape then this might be a good idea seeing as it will be the closest thing you will ever get to a six pack. Though I think it also gives new meaning to the phrase “beer gut.” Sometimes you got to think about the reason people get tattoos because like other tattoos this is only funny the first time you see it.
six pack tattoo

3.I See You Tattoo
This is another unique tattoo that really I cannot understand why someone would get it. Sure I mean you do it once and it is kinda funny and it will definitely catch you off guard. But after that it gets old rather quick, so I think that the goal of this tattoo is to constantly keep meeting new people. Once again I think I can respect it but I think in the long run this could be a rather silly tattoo.
i see you tattoo
4.Cow Tattoo
Now there are a number of tattoos that utilize holes in the body in order to add another dimension to their tattoo. Many of the more disturbing and unique ones, use holes that well I was not comfortable sharing pictures of. Turning the belly button into an anus has become a… shall I say “popular” bizarre tattoo as I have seen it done with a few different animals. This is possibly the best of the worst but many of them I have seen with cats.
cow tattoo
5.Alien Tattoo
This is a truly impressive tattoo and this would really make anyone double take when you walked by. This is a bizarre but really cool tattoo and unlike some of the others on this list I really don’t think there is too much to complain about. I would really like to hear the story behind this tattoo though and I would also like to see people’s first reactions when they see him walking by.
alien tattoo
6.Baby on Board Tattoo
This tattoo is really bizarre on so many levels. First I don’t think getting a tattoo while pregnant is the best idea. Second, do they realize that eventually the baby will come out and that the tattoo won’t make sense anymore. Though I truly believe that having a child and being pregnant is something that is perfectly inspiration for a child, I would hope that it would have a bit more meaning and something more personal that this one.
baby on board tattoo
7.Zombie Boy Tattoo
This is a tattoo that I can respect because it takes a great deal of dedication (and apparently more than 24 hours and thousands of dollars) to turn yourself into a zombie. Now I personally do have a passion for something great enough to tattoo my entire body with it, so I think it is impressive that this guy does. But then again he might be a poster child for being overly obsessive about something…either way this is one really bizarre tattoo.
8.Breakfast Anyone? Tattoo
Now you have to really love your eggs over easy with bacon and hashbrowns in order to get this tattoo. Bald heads are great places to get unique tattoos and I have seen plenty cool and unique ones. I will grant that this one is unique, but I really think that it is unique for a reason… Honestly I can’t understand the justification for a tattoo like this and I would really like to hear it.
breakfast tattoo
9.Legs Tattoo
Here is a tattoo that gets props for being creative but I’m not sure this is the type of creativity that is going to make him very popular with the ladies. After all who wants to date a man that has turned his armpit into a… well a… you know. I wonder if all of his guy friends thought this was brilliant or stupid because I could see a guy going either way on this one, a girl on the other hand…not so much.
legs tattoo
10.Video Game Tattoos

Some of us like video games. Some of us like them a little too much.
You may not know this yet, you hip 20-to-30 something, tech savvy target demographic, but there will (hopefully) come a time in your life when you stop caring for video games as much as you do and you (hopefully) learn to be a productive member of society. Knowing this, why would you choose to show your fondness for Duck Hunt by searing your flesh with its visage?
video game tattoos01
Here’s a prime example of a terrible idea that can only get worse. The subject in this case has given people a reason to punch them in the throat and an awesome catchphrase to shout while they do so. Maybe that was his intention, and I’d think that were brilliant if I weren’t so busy trying to Google this guy’s address for the previously mentioned throat-punching.
video game tattoos02
For our second example, a young lady has chosen to cover her body with, among many other things, a Pac-Man board. And while some people may no doubt find that appealing (hey man, that’s just your scene), what she doesn’t realize is that once she reaches middle age, the cruel specter of time will make this look like a melting Pollock painting (which, I imagine, is a unique and messy fetish on its own). Still, it’s good to see that someone willing to tattoo themselves with something that will most likely stop being relevant during their lifetime has the foresight to hide their nipples from when taking photographs of the mistake they made. That’s just classy.
video game tattoos03
Finally, it was probably this woman’s intention to gain attention to grab as much attention as possible when she had this done. It probably wasn’t her intention to give all the creepy, bearded guys crawling her Wal-Mart’s electronics center something to think about while the lie in bed every night for the rest of their lives.
The human being is a fairly complicated thing to reproduce with art. There are entire schools devoted to teaching the craft, compounding centuries of studies into a few years of nude models and awkward erections. It’s a bit foolish (and dangerous) to expect a gentleman with a burning needle to be able to give you satisfactory results, but dammit, people dare to live the dream.
I’m actually pretty hesitant to make fun of this, given that the memorial text above it. But every time they look at that tattoo, they’re going to remember that poor woman as what would appear to be an angry burn-victim zombie. That’s just sad.
On the “it’s okay to make fun of” side of things, here’s what happens when 90s alternative rock meets terrible decisions:
That’s Adam Duritz, the frontman for Counting Crows. Or rather, that’s Adam Duritz, the frontman for Counting Crows and five time Omaha Bageldog Eating champion. I’m willing to bet it takes quite a few lies to explain why there’s a fat man on your back and why his scalp is being devoured by a spider.
12.Tattoos on Faces
Since we’re talking about faces, let’s chat about yours, faceless internet.
The face is a vital part of the human form because it allows us to identify one another without having to shout one’s name or otherwise put any effort into actively seeking someone out. It’s also something that the rest of us get to look at (unless you’re a career criminal, in which case your work uniform requires you to wear a ski mask, or if “the rest of us” consists of Ray Charles, which would be odd because he’s supposed to be blind and also dead).
tattoos on faces01
I know it’s impossible to tell someone’s intentions in getting a specific tattoo, but this is the exception to the rule. This guy either a) wanted to pay an eternal tribute to the great gentleman’s game chess, or b) ensure that he could never, ever be employed again with any job that requires an interview or
tattoos on faces02
Now I’m not what you would call a sports fan, but I do know that the Raiders play the good version of football. I also know that it’s common for sports fans to paint their faces in support of their team. So, by getting his face forever scarred in favor of these “Raiders,” this guy is like the Christ figure of sports fans. Sadly, the Raiders haven’t won a Superbowl since 1983, so clearly the enthusiasm his face is expressing isn’t enough.
13.Portraying Some Sort of Persona
Some people go through great lengths to present themselves as someone else. I don’t mean that in the usual “serial killer who turns fat ladies into house coats” sort of way, but rather they create a secondary persona to hide their primary, often sucky personality. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, lots of people do it: professional wrestlers, super heroes, super villains and G.I. Joes all create a facade to make themselves seem much more interesting.
portraying some sort of persona01
Mr. Cool ICE (emphasis his) takes the persona thing to an entirely different level so high above anyone else that I’m pretty sure he’s the only one occupying it. Let’s try to analyze everything this tattoo tries to say:
Mr. Cool ICE – “I’m a bad ass of such an extreme nature that my coldness can only be described with polite mannerisms and capital letters.”
Skull with cool shades – “I’m dark, yet relaxed, like if Charlie Manson were a lounge musician.”
Of course, something this perplexing would carry over to the back:
portraying some sort of persona02
More skulls with skull with cool shades: “I’m dark, yet relaxed, and feel compelled to inform everyone this regardless of where they are standing in relation to me.”
Shades on the back of head – Actually, can I get some conformation that that’s supposed to be a pair of shades? Because it kind of looks like a bow tie. Uh, “I also enjoy formal dress,” I suppose?