Gorgeous Miss Elegant Navina Bole Photoshoot

Gorgeous Miss Elegant India Navina Bole Photoshoot — Navina Bole born on 30 October 1983, is a beautiful gorgeous looking girl. Navina can be seen in a beautiful romantic Indian Drama Serial 'Miley Jab Hum Tum', In the Drama Series she plays the role of Dia Bhushan and is a student of College, where love and romance are the basic lessons, Navina can also be seen in a variety of Television Commercials also, and many music band videos. Navina was also a Gladrags in the year 2006 where she was entitled as Ms. Elegant. She is extremely hot. This is also the saying of his personal friends and Navina’s fans who actually wait for the time to see her in the 'Drama Miley Jab Hum Tum'. Enjoy her sexiest photoshoot pictures in different beautiful poses.


Hot Chicks in Nerd Panties

There is nothing more delightful to us than seeing girls wearing nerdy underwear, especially at present when nerd chicks are becoming sexy (all thanks to Tina Fey). These girls know how to make nerdy sexy and hot as they clad themselves in nerdy underwear such as Superman, Star Wars and Batman. We do hope that it’s not just the underwear as we would be extremely happy if these chicks love the nerdy stuff too.


The Truth about Alcoholism (Infographic)

Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world. Millions of people consume alcohol each day – but when do you classify a person as addicted and what can it do to you when abused?

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Things You Can't Unsee

Sometimes when you look at the picture you start seeing things you’ve never seen before. And once you see this you won’t be able to unsee it.

What Nesquik cereals reminds of

Taylor Lautner looks exactly like an alpaca

Walmart logo is a borrowed Galactic Empire logo

Hott onions


Sad cheecks

Team is all about “I”

America getting screwed by Canada

The LG logo forms Pacman in two steps

Diglett's nose is a tooth

OK is a stick person sideways with a detached head

South America and Africa combine to form a T-Rex

There is a Triforce in the One Dollar Bill

This is why Norwegians don't join the EU

Typed letter “i” reminds of a zombie

Pierce Brosnan has an oddly shaped face

Ducks are actually wearing dog masks

How the word “therapist” is formed

Bioshock 2 and Bomberman are the same

The Chicago Bulls logo is an upside-down robot reading a book

Mac’s logo reminds of two guys kissing

It's a condom

Pi is pie

Luke and Darth are on Facebook. Everywhere

The clouds and the bushes are the same

Toad is flipping you off

Mario is wearing a Space Invader

The 2014 World Cup logo is a facepalm

The Dodge Viper logo is Daffy Duck upside-down

A coathook is actually a belligerent octopus

Facebook is trying to tell you something

The “N” in ESPN is Boba Fett

Adidas is a sinking ship